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People are heartbroken! Evil hate bugs are trying to turn the former feelings of love into hate. It is the job of magical girls of love to save the hearts of people!

Heartbreak, Heartbeat is a puzzle-game where you control magical girls to gather fragments of love inside a fragile, broken heart. Avoid breaking the floor of the hearts, trap the evil hate bugs and gather all fragments to save the day~

Pocket Jam 2017 Game (Theme: More love, less hate)

Heartbreak SFX: Ice breaking/shattering, IgnasD (https://opengameart.org/content/ice-breakingshattering)

Everything else by Yuanqi Shan

(Warning: The game may contain bugs that might force you to restart the game, apologies from the dev)


heartbreakheartbeat_windows.zip 14 MB

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